Room & Services Requests

Please login below to make a room request. If you have a CU Denver | Anschutz domain account (i.e., PassportID), login using that user name (e.g., DoeJ) and password. If not, use your EMS account by entering your email address and EMS password. (e.g.,

Please Enter Your User ID and Password
If you've never used this system, you must request an account. To request an account, login with your CU Denver | Anschutz user name also known as your PassportID (e.g., DoeJ) and password and the account request page will open.


If you do not have a CU Denver | Anschutz account, go to the "My Account" menu and select “Request An Account” from the drop down menu.

"Email me my password" will only work for local EMS accounts not CU Denver | Anschutz accounts. For CU Denver | Anschutz accounts, contact the OIT helpdesk at 303-724-4357.